Tuesday, July 11, 2017

FHE on the Fly!

I found this treasure today!

In 2015 our church celebrated 100 years since Family Home Evening began. On the fly we decided to spend that Family Night recording 100 memories of our Family Night's over the years. We got our adults on board and brainstormed. The result has become one of our most treasured possessions, this scroll listing all of those memories.

Since then we've had a few I'd love to add to the list. 

-Last year we stared at each other as Monday night was slipping through our fingers without a plan. In a moment of genius we told the kids to get in the car. We then proceeded to have a regular old family night in the car in our driveway. It was so fun! Loads of giggles ensued when someone would walk or drive by. Sometimes a change of scenery can do wonders. 

-F'real scriptures and shakes.

-This year we've been trying to go through the 'For the Strength of Youth' book for our lessons. One night we again hopped in the car. As we read the section on 'Choice and Accountability' we let a quarter determine when we would make right and left turns hoping we would end somewhere good for dessert. Well we didn't...which then turned into a lesson on repentance and second chances. We ultimately ended at ice cream and a fun time was had.

-One of my favorite Family Night's last year has no picture for good reason. I was suffering from an extreme headache. When Stephen called the kids to FHE I truly couldn't open my eyes. Within a few minutes Stephen declared the night 'blind's man FHE' and all of the kids put blind folds on. The night was spent giggling as we tried to hold family night without eye sight. 

I LOVE Family Night!

I recall recently sitting in my religion class discussing the Family Proclamation. One of the men in the class began talking about Family Home Evening. As the discussion ensued it became very clear that the majority of the class did not hold regular Family Night. Some mentioned that they didn't grow up with it and so they just weren't comfortable implementing it in their home. Others kind of laughed it off as unimportant. A little part of me wanted to stand up and declare my allegiance to it and witness of it's goodness but I sat and listened for a time. Then. Then. Then! The comment was made that between school and work and life it was just 'too hard' to plan FHE. That's when the dam burst and I couldn't contain myself. FHE on the FLY is our specialty around here and to be honest I think it is quite effective. So I shared with my friends a few of these successes we've had with FHEOTF. I can't tell you what a blessing it has been in our lives. 

May the scroll forever be a testimony of Monday Night's in the Hixon home.

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