Why the Blog

Almost ten years ago I started this blog to record snippets of my life raising six kids and a grown man. Ten years later I can look back at my daily blogging and see that my assessment was incorrect. I haven't been raising them, they have been raising me. The evolution of me has everything to do with the people I spend all of my time with. They help me to be better and raise me up to a higher place. Together we live a life of big loving, lots of tantrum-ing, spiritual highs and emotional lows. We do it together knowing that though plates might break and doors might slam, the soft spirit we try to create in other moments in our home can cushion the flying glass and the shaking walls.

The title 'Stack of Plates' is layered with meaning. 

1. I have a slight obsession with plates. I love love love a pretty Stack of Plates.

2. The literal Stack of Plates after meals around here can be staggering. 

3. In our religious beliefs our scripture is often referred to as plates. Plates which were engraven with the lives and testimonies of those who came before us and testified of Jesus Christ. And so I offer these as my modern day Stack of Plates. A place for me to write about our lives, hoping that through our life we can testify to those who might come and read for a moment about something greater, our desire to be like Jesus Christ.

It isn't always pretty and it isn't always ugly. I tend to gush and spend the majority of my writing on the positive things going on in our lives. I believe people become what you tell them they are. And so I try to focus on the positive attributes I see in my husband and children on this blog. I hope that my documentation of the good will inspire in them a desire to nurture those qualities. I also know that as I write it, it is inspiring me to have those qualities myself.

Our favorite family motto's might sum up how we operate around here.

"I'll teach you and you teach me,
and together we'll learn"

"When all else fails DON'T BE DUMB"

"See a Need, Fill a Need"

**other reasons I blog can be found